A Unique Distribution Model? Perhaps.

The unique feature of our distribution service is time.

For goods stored in our extensive warehouses in Zeebrugge, you are able to call off goods for next day UK delivery as late as 1400hrs. You can rest safe in the knowledge that your customer's rush job will be handled and their materials/goods will arrive on time.

We believe we are one of the only companies in the UK and Belgium that offers this degree of customer service.

Having one supplier for your complete logistics chain - collection, storage, distribution - dramatically reduces the risks involved with using multiple suppliers. Streamlined channels of communication means that you don't have to wait to find out where your goods are, or why the delivery is late, you can contact us directly and talk to people who know and understand your business.

If you wish to find our more information, contact your local Middlegate Europe office and speak to us today.

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Middlegate Group Facts #4

Middlegate Express & Logistics was established in 2007. Since the acquisition of TSE Logistics in 2009, alongside our reliable goods transport and logistical services we are able to offer you an extensive European express service for time-sensitive cargos from Benelux to Paris, eastern France (Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne-Ardenne), Germany and, of course, the UK and Ireland.


For customers benefitting from our European and UK Export Distribution services (Zeebrugge-UK and Hull-EU), we offer two levels of service: Groupage24 and Groupage48. With call off up to 1400h for next day delivery, you receive an express service at a groupage price.

Feature Benefit
Key: Standard feature; Not available; Optional extra
Timed Delivery You know your goods will be delivered on or before the time agreed. Improved resource management.
AM/PM Delivery If your customers accept goods either in the morning or afternoon this is your best option.
Consignment Booked In We arrange a time with your customer based on routing and other factors
Guaranteed On Time Delivery Less worry that your critical consignment will arrive as promised. It's our promise to you.
Key Account Handling One person is responsible for your account. A single point of contact.
Customer Service A dedicated team member to provide support and answer any questions about your consignment
Track And Trace Satellite tracking of your consignment. Real-time information available across devices.
Delivery Confirmation SMS/Email Prefer SMS or email? We'll send you one as we know your consignment has been delivered.
CMR Returned within 24h We will send you an electronic version of your signed CMR to help with your records.
EDI Connection Reduce the risk of human error. Single common format across disparate IT systems.